Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Neil Armstrong popularised the art of moonwalking. Wait a minute, I meant Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson became hugely successful in the 80s and 90s. I was crazy about his music and his prancing ways. His videos were awesome, and I would watch them day in and day out. I know he is not the same anymore, but those days, he was simply fantastic. It was the beginning of the pop revolution, though lot of his music had rock elements. No wonder he was known as the King of Pop.

in 1988, Moonwalker was released- a movie starring MJ. A fantastic kid movie, where Michael is a singing, dancing, shape changing super hero. A scene which most of you would have seen, is the music video for:

  • Smooth Criminal

Its got one of the best dance moves you will ever see. I would wear similar clothes and try my level best to imitate the moves.

Here is a list of my favourite numbers( which had great videos as well):

  • Beat it
  • Billy Jean
  • Dirty Diana

There are several more, which you can discover for yourself.

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